Paddle board rentals with delivery!Paddle board rentals with delivery!Paddle board rentals with delivery!
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Paddle board rentals with delivery!

Paddle boarding on Kalamalka Lake

Hosted by Ugo P


We are providing a full day rental of paddle board for one on the beautiful multi coloured Kalamalka Lake. Rental includes the paddle board​,​ safety device​,​ waterproof bag and waterproof pouch for your phone. The whole day rental allows you to paddle at your own pace and make multiple stops on the multiple pristine beaches that the lake has to offer. We deliver the paddle to you. Delivery can be done at : Kekuli Bay​,​ Kin Beach​,​ Paddle wheel park​,​ Hurburlt Park Ellison Park Kal beach Pump house beach

Features & Amenities


    Maximum guests


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    Rules & Restrictions

    1.One board per person . 2.Minors need to be accompanied by an adult. 3. Beginner friendly however you need to know how to swim. 4. Liability form will have to be signed by each guest.

    Additional Terms And Information

    Liability waver will be have to be signed at the rental time.

    Cancellation Policy

    Easy Going

    Full refund up to 48 hours before the booking start date and time. No refund within 48 hours of the booking start date and time.


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