13" Thickness Planer13" Thickness Planer13" Thickness Planer
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13" Thickness Planer

13" Thickness Planer - Woodworking​,​ Crafts​,​ Guitar​,​ Woodshop

Hosted by David C


13" Wide capability PLUS 6" tall​,​ makes this one VERY useful planer. It has a very powerful motor and can chew through some hard woods. It is easy to use and easy to adjust and clean. 110w plug​,​ so no need for 220! PLEASE be familiar with how to use a planer before operation! It can be dangerous and damaging if it is not operated correctly. Comes off its stand​,​ so it can be transported in a car trunk or backseat. It is heavy​,​ so if you need help on your end​,​ make sure you have a buddy with you.

Features & Amenities

  • power tool
  • woodworking


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Rules & Restrictions

PLEASE know how to operate this tool before rental. Do not overload. Measure your wood first. Make small cuts, don't try to chew it all off at once. Wear proper protection. Wood chips fly, and if it's not loaded correctly, wood can shatter. Just be safe!

Additional Terms And Information

Be Safe!

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Full refund up to 48 hours before the booking start date and time. No refund within 48 hours of the booking start date and time.


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    David C

    Hello, I'm David C.

    I am a small-scale guitar builder that lives in the Shuswap.

    I am a small-scale guitar builder that lives in the Shuswap.